Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Just a little note.

Hi Everyone. I am having trouble commenting on blogs and receiving comments on blogs. Is anyone else having the same trouble?
Not sure the reasons behind this. If my comments are getting through could some-one send me an email please.
Many thanks Hugs Vee.


  1. Hi Vee! Don't know what the issue is.This post has the comment button, your others don't show one on my screen. As for your CR84FN card...BEAUTIFULL! I'll try eamiling you too :)

  2. Hi: It is driving me crazy! I will comment and then it disappears. I hope they fix it soon. Love your card. Blessings, Martha

  3. There is no place for comments on the CR84FN40 challenge post. No wonder you are having trouble! So sorry I can't be of help, but your card is beautiful!


I thank you all and do appreciate your valuable comments Hugs Vee x