Sunday, 18 August 2013

New Baby Gift

On Friday I got some lovely news from our dear friends that they had become  Grandparents for the first time to a lovely little girl Hanna Rose.
 I thought I would make a little card for their daughter and son-in-law.....however I couldn't resist making them a picture  with the baby's particulars on and then it snowballed into making a little teeny shoe and here it is...

 A  close-up of the smallest of shoes I have made to date. Boy! were my fingers getting in the way on this project haha!
 Next I decided to put it into a shadow box frame so that they can keep it in the nursery.
I also decorated inside the box frame with a lovely pink rose paper as you can see.
I think it turned out great in the end apart from sore fingertips....
Bye for now
Hugs Vee x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lavender Cushion

Hi there...Sorry I have been neglecting my blog, but have been messing about doing much needed stuff in the house this month.  
I just had to catch up with my chores lol
Plus the weather here in England has been so exceptional this year  I had to take advantage and try to make something out of the wilderness, laughingly called a garden here in the new cottage.
Now I have my water feature in situ I can relax and plan my next move..... Hmmm!... I think it's going to be a patio for my table and chairs. I don't think this year we will be having any barbeques but I can at least relax to the sound of trickling water and read my favourite mags. 
Now this month I have a little granddaughter who is 8 yrs and she loves lavender so here is the little cushion I made her to take to bed.
I printed out a dandelion pattern onto calico fabric and then made a small cushion using some tiny flower print fabrics I had in my stash. Next I made a little heart and stuffed that also with lavender and tied it to the cushion with cotton heart ribbon and a little button.
Bye for now and hope to be on here more this month.
Hugs Vee xx