Friday, 22 February 2013

Good Luck Card

Our Grandson is joining the Army on the 4th March. We have a surprise party arranged for him on Saturday evening, so had to rush to make this card for him. He likes the old posters from the 2nd world war and so I thought he would really like this idea. It's not going to be easy to say goodbye to him, but it's a great career and he has worked so hard to achieve this.
 I took him to cubs when he was about 5 and he loved it. Then he moved over to the Army Cadets and has been abroad with the guys and has enjoyed this so much. He has passed with flying colours (A) and has been accepted into the Royal Signals. Well done Ben!  

Monday, 18 February 2013

New Baby Keepsake box

I made this a while ago and was asked to post it again.
Well here it is... I sold it to a lady who wanted it for the first Haircut.
Aw what a nice thought. You could also just put a small gift inside.
Shoes are a great favourite of mine and I just love making them.
Bye for now Hugs Vee xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Vintage Get Well

I have made this card before.. but this time it is for a husband and wife, one has been diagnosed with Parkinson's and the other with Lung Cancer. However she has been told it can be managed with treatment, hope so.. and the Parkinson's is manageable with tablets too.
Thankfull for small mercy's

The old typewriter is used to effect with the good wishes on the paper.
I have also included a verse inside.
Just shows how very versatile this card can be.
Hugs Vee x

Faux Book. 60th Birthday Keepsake Card

 A special Keepsake Birthday Card.
Reaching the 60th birthday is special, so had to make this for a friend. I had all these lovely papers in my stash left over from another project.  I printed off an image of a vintage clock face, glued it onto thick card, then cut it out and popped it onto the front, stamped a butterfly in brown ink and then embelished with tiny flowers and the sentiment.
I love these little (book) cards, they are so versatile and inside you can even put a little gift if needed....
I didn't ... I just added  a little verse and then put it onto a card, raised it onto foam mounts making it pop out. Then I decorated it with a flower spray and a tiny butterfly. Not too fussy! Sometimes I think less is more.
Hope she likes it... Hugs Vee x  

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Baby Shoes Shadow Box

To welcome our 1st  Great Granchild Harrison into the world, I made this little shadow box picture for his bedroom.
I had pink ones and blue ones made at the ready as Debra did'nt want to know what she was having, much to our! All I had to do was write on his name, time of birth, weight,
 (9lb 7oz,) and date. 31st Jan. 2013
I wanted something that could go onto his nursery wall instead of into a keepsake box.
Thank you Debra & Jamie and thank you also for naming him after our surname, such a lovely gesture.
Thanks also goes to for the inspiration for the little shoes. Hop over to her fabulous blog. She is amazing...  Hugs Vee x

Key Keeper

All the windows in our new home have these little keys. Well dont you always find they go is my idea.
Take an old key, spray with white paint then scratch it a bit to make it look vintagey (if that's a word) then hot glue some little flowers on and tie around the widndow key, hey presto,you have a lovely hanging decoration when the key is inserted.
This could be used also on vintage cards.
Shabby Chic!! Hugs Vee xx

Belated Birthday

Oops! I forgot a Birthday card this week for someone.... he always sends me a calendar and diary at Christmas, so I felt soooo bad. Quickly did this card just to say sorry. I had this printed image of "April in Paris" music and since he loves all things French, had to use it.
Just hope he forgives me lol!
 I saw a similar card somewhere a long while ago and remembered just in time, as I was thinking of what to do. Have you ever had times,( I am sure you all must have,) when matter how hard you try... the old brain goes into sleep mode... well this is what is happening to me at the moment. Don't know what is wrong but one minute all's well, then BLANK!
I am assuming it's all because we have just moved home and downsized, so have been finding it very difficult to find an appropriate space to do my crafts as we have lost a room. At the moment I have my stuff in every nook and cranny and I have to think, Where is this! Where did I store that! Oh am not a happy camper. Then there is the added problem of Hubby's hobby to also consider ( thinking about putting him in the shed) shhh! his guitars, amps., mixer desks, are cluttering up the rest of the floor space. ( Anxiety Attack) .....Phew! well off to take a tablet hehe. Bye for now.
Hugs Vee x