Saturday, 2 February 2013

Belated Birthday

Oops! I forgot a Birthday card this week for someone.... he always sends me a calendar and diary at Christmas, so I felt soooo bad. Quickly did this card just to say sorry. I had this printed image of "April in Paris" music and since he loves all things French, had to use it.
Just hope he forgives me lol!
 I saw a similar card somewhere a long while ago and remembered just in time, as I was thinking of what to do. Have you ever had times,( I am sure you all must have,) when matter how hard you try... the old brain goes into sleep mode... well this is what is happening to me at the moment. Don't know what is wrong but one minute all's well, then BLANK!
I am assuming it's all because we have just moved home and downsized, so have been finding it very difficult to find an appropriate space to do my crafts as we have lost a room. At the moment I have my stuff in every nook and cranny and I have to think, Where is this! Where did I store that! Oh am not a happy camper. Then there is the added problem of Hubby's hobby to also consider ( thinking about putting him in the shed) shhh! his guitars, amps., mixer desks, are cluttering up the rest of the floor space. ( Anxiety Attack) .....Phew! well off to take a tablet hehe. Bye for now.
Hugs Vee x 

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