Saturday, 11 April 2015

Information Only......

Hi everyone! just wanted to let you know I have been rather poorly of late, seems I can't shake this off so have been neglecting my blog.......I'm so tired and have no energy, but still have had orders to keep up with. I am now on a glass painting kick so that is not so bad as can do them quickly and doesn't take much out of me.

Should anyone be interested in keeping a look out for any more ideas I have a FaceBook page too with the same name. Just look out for my name Vera Harrison and you should be able to reach me and find some more crafty ideas on there as sometimes I add stuff I have been asked to make and don't get the time to put it on here. 

Enjoy...Hugs Vee xx

Hand painted wine glasses

 A Busy time with this new glass painting fad I have.....I have more to come but this  is so very therapeutic seems I can't stop once I get going Love it xx