Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wall signs

Hello again...long time since I posted but have been too busy to stop by this month.
I had to visit our elderly Aunt in London as she was to have a cataract removed and as she is blind in the other eye someone needed to be there with her in case!
Then I have been inundated with orders for Christmas wall hangings etc. so have been a busy bee..
This is a special order for my neighbour. She wanted it done for Tuesday so it was a bit of a rush job....think it turned out ok and she loved it so I am a happy camper.
I painted the wooden block first with white then edged around in burnt umber and as I had found this wood look backing paper I thought I would give it a whirl. I think it does the job very well.

Next on the list of special orders was a Weight Watcher's sign with little blackboard hearts to record the weeks achievement's down.

Right now I am busy painting more boards as the Christmas list is growing and as I am off to the States in 4weeks time till New Year, I have to get all ready.
Bye for now.
Hugs Vee xx 

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