Saturday, 16 August 2014

Wedding Reception sign

 After making the invitations for this wedding, the bride asked me to make a sign 
to point the guests to her it is. I decided to make the back a sign so that she can use it later in her home. 

 A lovely keepsake and she was thrilled.

I have been so busy lately and neglected my little humble blog hope my readers forgive me.
Had 2 visits to my daughters in a matter of months...the first for the birth of our grandson Jaxon and stayed until the new year. Then I went back on my own to lend a helping hand whilst our Son-in-law was away from the family for a few months doing his duty in the Marines. Had a blast but now back to my little home business crafting and trying to sell haha. 
Hugs Vee xxx

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I thank you all and do appreciate your valuable comments Hugs Vee x